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Alpine Advanced Dash Cams

Micro SD Card 64 GB for Alpine Dash Cams


The memory card is an essential component of a dash cam. Your memory card needs to be in well working order to ensure safe storage of your valuable recordings. This 64GB micro SD card is approved to work perfectly with the Alpine Dash Cams. A micro SD to SD card adapter is included.

679 Kuna
Preporučena maloprodajna cijena (RRP)

Karakteristike i Specifikacija


  • Minimum data transfer speed of 10MB/s
  • Moves data with high transfer speeds
  • For Full HD Video Recording, HD still image and continuous shooting applied
  • Designed to withstand water, temperature, shock, and X-rays.
  • Operational temperature range of -10 to 60 degree Celsius
  • Capacity: 64GB
  • Compatible with Alpine Dash Cams
  • Includes micro SD to SD card adapter
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