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Upgrade your Ford Transit Custom with a 9” Infotainment Solution
Built-in-iGo-Primo-Navigation-Map-in-Ford-Transit_INE-F904D_with_KIT-F9FO-TRA Built-in-iGo-Primo-Navigation-in-Ford-Transit_INE-F904D_with_KIT-F9FO-TRA_Map KIT-F9FO-TRA_with_iLX-F903D_in-Ford-Transit-Apple-CarPlay-Map KIT-F9FO-TRA_with_iLX-F903D_in-Ford-Transit-Apple-CarPlay-Menu KIT-F9FO-TRA_with_iLX-F903D_in-Ford-Transit-DAB-Radio KIT-F9FO-TRA_Installation-Kit-for-Ford-Transit

Alpine iLX-F903D / INE-F904D installation Kit for Ford Transit Custom from 2018 and newer


This installation kit allows an easy and clean install of the iLX-F903D / INE-F904D in a Ford Transit Custom from model year 2018 with original radio or radio preparation.

The KIT-F9FO-TRA includes a custom-fit frame, installation brackets, wiring harness with CAN interface and an antenna adapter. The CAN interface retains usage of the steering wheel remote control buttons. Also it includes an adapter that connects the original USB port in the dashboard with your Alpine system to maintain these useful connectors.

Product update March 2022: now also fitting for our new Halo9 iLX-F905D and Halo11 iLX-F115D

219 €
Preporučena maloprodajna cijena (RRP)

Karakteristike i Specifikacija


  • Compatible with Ford Transit Custom
  • Steering wheel remote control interface with CAN to analogue conversion and SIRI support


  • Installation kit for Ford Transit Custom
  • Includes steering wheel remote control interface, wiring harness, installation brackets and trim plate
  • Includes factory power adapter
  • Includes antenna adapter
  • Includes an adapter that connects the original USB port in the dashboard with your Alpine system
  • Includes camera adapter

Compatible Cars

Model year
Transit Custom
2018 →

For vehicles with original 1-DIN radio (model: T15114A) or radio preparation.

Note: this kit is not compatible with vehicles with original Ford navigation system. Vehicles with original radio and e-call system: the e-call system remains functional, but in some cases an error message may be displayed (vehicles with radio preparation will not encounter this problem).

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