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Premium Speaker and Subwoofer System upgrade
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Premium Speaker System


This premium speaker package includes a front system with soft dome tweeters and large midrange speakers, plus a 20cm high performance subwoofer featuring a vehicle specific housing. All speakers are perfectly matched to the digital amplifier PDP-E310ML for superb audio quality with optimum sound staging. They are also specifically designed to fit in the ML's original speaker and subwoofer locations.

For upgrading the ML (W164) original entry sound system.

Requires PDP-E310ML

569 €
Preporučena maloprodajna cijena (RRP)

Karakteristike i Specifikacija


  • 2 Way component Front System with car specific subwoofer.
  • Car specific speakers with optimized rings for best performance
  • Snap in silk dome tweeters
  • Using Factory harness and connectors to allow plug and play for door speakers
  • Car specific subwoofer enclosure with 8” (20cm) subwoofer.
  • Allows powerful playback and precise stage image while using PDP-E310ML


  • Plug and play installation
  • No sound tuning needed. Just look up car and driver parameters in the manual and select the appropriate setting.
  • High-end speakers resulting in better sound performance than any Mercedes Option for ML.
  • Accurate stage impression for drivers of any body size.
  • Increased sound pressure level without distortions.
  • Added subwoofer.
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